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Hey! Thanks for joining me at withJillRae! I am a mother, a wife, a sister, and a pet owner.  Really? Is that truly what I am? No! I am a woman who is excited to help other women who are transitioning into a new life. Similar to myself! 

I was a corporate Director for many years...the majority of my career.  

Once that was no longer an option for me..now what? I couldn't just stay home and mine the house. There needed to be more.

I found a love for all-natural skincare...my skin had never looked better. This was a company that a girlfriend had owned, the kicker, or the unknown was that it was a direct sales company.  Intriguing yet scary.  I had never been vested or thought I would jump into something like this.  Anyway...fast foreword 2 more years and I am loving it!

Now I get to spend my time helping women like me!  We are all more than moms...we had so much more to offer and I work and collaborated with so many amazing people to better our lives as a whole! Thank you for taking the time to follow and join me on this journey!

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